Who We Are


Conor Abbott Brown is a composer and clarinetist from Altona, Colorado. Brown has had works commissioned by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, the Albany Symphony, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, and many other orchestras, chamber ensembles, and choirs. Brown has been the guest principal clarinetist of the American Symphony Orchestra and is currently the clarinetist of the Boulder Altitude Directive, a group dedicated to performing the works of living composers.

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John Boggs is a composer, vocalist and pianist based in Lafayette, Colorado. He actively seeks to combine elements of rock, poly-rhythm, metal, ambience, and electronica into his music.

In 2016 he co-founded Solis, a five member Renaissance/New Music a capella group. They devote their time to learning hidden gems of the past, while also premiering brand new works.

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Matty O is an aggressively seasoned drummer, composer and classically trained percussionist. He has performed, recorded and toured throughout the US and Europe over this past decade, collaborating with the likes of Jónsi and Alex, Daniel Lopatin, Paul Corley, GABI and Alexander Turnquist.

As he explores new forms of electronic percussion and ambient composition, Matty continues to embrace the power of live performance, acoustic drumming and all of the glorious human connection that lies within. (Percussion spirit warrior at your service.)


Anthony Kingsley is an electronic and rock musician, and a graduate of the music program at Bard College, where he focused on electroacoustic/noise music. He has created music for modern dance, theater, and art installations, and spent a decade playing very loud bass guitar in grimy NYC basement venues.

He moved to Colorado in 2019 to be a part of Pink Mage with his friends, which focuses on live electronic improvisation. Since the beginning of this new phase in our world’s history, he has pivoted to studio music production, but looks forward to being able to perform live again.